MassTURBOtar update.

Well... after long time I accidently rediscovered the bastard and decided to make a fast update.

The main feature I added is multi-waveform lfo with host/gate sync for dubstep freaks!
You can select Saw/Sine, Square/Sine, Saw/Inverted saw waveforms with two modes:
G - gate sync and T - host start sync.

I fixed a small bug with wrong osc2 drop down menu sine settings, too.

This version got different file name cause I'm not sure will it open right in our older projects.


One more feature...
I changed the useless preset sweeting delay to morphable flange knob.
Now you can flange your shit out to nowhere :D

You can download it HERE.


Simian Witt said...

Wow, great. I have always had a fondness for your green beauty. Thanks again.

4mica said...

Covers some bases well in a unique way, I love it. Thanks much.

Mcloudster said...

hey man I'm big fan of this synth and all of your work. I really like the digitalesque sound of this synth especially pads. now I want to use it on my song but unfortunately I'm really bad at programming synths. I hope you can release some more presets banks in the future

Unknown said...
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Sean Bailey said...

I just switched to using a mac after years of using a pc, and this plugin will be sorely missed! One of my consistent go-to synths. I may keep my pc laptop around just to make .wav renders of this synth to work with. Thanks for all of your work on this!

LpD said...

@Sean Thanks mate! Here is a topic on KVR about wrapping windows plugs on mac http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=298711&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
check it out.
Let me know if you have any luck with that! Cheers.

Manuel said...

I've just discovered massTURBOtar and it really is a lush plugin. Thanks for your work!

Paul Bryant said...

This is a bloody brilliant synth!
Just a quick question cos I'm real slow. How do you attach midi controls to the knobs? I just mapped the mod wheel to the morph knob and holy crap is that a cool sound. Rolling between the 5 versions of the patch while you are playing in real time makes this synth unlike any other that I can remember. I do it by slaving the knob to the track control in Reason and then assigning a CC (the mod wheel) to the track parameter. It works great but if you lose the track you lose the parameter profile. Would it be so hard to assign hard CC numbers to each knob and just leave the morph knob permanently attached to the mod wheel. Seriously this is an amazing synth, it's already my favorite lead synth and you just make it so much better if I could talk to all the parameters with my controller.

Paul Bryant said...

Duh, told you I was slow.

Reaper not Reason.

Jackie said...

@Paul Bryant What is wrong with saving templates?

There was no reason to hard link CC for every single parameter, since almost every daw now have easy parameter linking.

In Reaper for example, You should move the parameter, then click on Param button -> Learn and move the corresponding knob/slider on the controller. Once the assignment of all needed params is done You can save the channel as a template - this will also save all the mappings.

SD said...
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Sean Bailey said...

Oh man, I can't believe I posted that comment and then promptly forgot about it. I was just randomly checking the page again and JUST NOW saw your reply! Haha, thank you so much! Still have the same Mac, so I'm going to try this soon. Only took me two years;)